Tuesday, August 28, 2012

West Coast Adventure - Day 14

I didn't ride a single mile today and it was good. :) I spent the day be chauffeured around by my uncle. We ran up to Beaverton to pick up a luggage rack for Black Max which is going to make the rest of this trip a little more secure in terms of packing. Then headed to the big and tall shop down the road to pick up a new pair of jeans. I managed to rip mine last night...looks like they'll be shorts when I get home.

We ended up southeast of Portland and on a waterfall expedition...and ran into fire.

At first we thought they were forest fires; but, after driving around trying to get a good look at them, we finally figured out they were burning off the wheat fields after the harvest. There's a possibility that one could have been a small forest fire. When we did check out one of the waterfalls, the smoke smelled more like burning wood than the times we could clearly tell it was burning wheat.

Tomorrow is another day and another road. :)

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