Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hello sunshine....

Bags are packed, truck's loaded, and we're on our way. Almost 6 hours of driving left, most of that in Mississippi, where yesterday's storms apparently did a lot of damage. Who knows what we'll see today.

The bikes are covered in a nice layer of road slime. Guess we'll have to use some elbow grease to pretty 'em up a bit when we get to Denham Springs.

3:33pm update

We just rolled into Louisiana. It's about an hour from here to the rally location. The weather is great and the sunshine feels good. :)

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Location:Denton St,West Memphis,United States


  1. The bikes look lonely like they're begging to be ridden. Hope the last leg is fun and the ride is awesome.

  2. Was praying for you yesterday when I saw the nasty weather. Glad you are alright and have sun today. Don't forget the sunscreen. ~Aunt Kay


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