Saturday, April 30, 2011


There wasn't a whole lot of riding today, at least not for me.

We were KSU (kick stands up) from the hotel at 9:30AM. I hadn't paid a whole lot of attention to the planned ride route, just enough to know there were 92 miles and lunch mentioned in the description somewhere.

I'm not going to complain, because a ride is a ride is a ride; but not all rides are equal :) and I will explain.

When we left the hotel, we did it in two groups. Riding almost 30 motorcycles out the city in one group is just too much work and you end up getting separated by traffic. So we broke into two smaller groups. The first stop was our opportunity to meet back up, farther out into the country, and to get a glimpse of the bayou. So stopping just 17 miles into the ride made sense.

We got back underway after about 20 or 30 minutes of bayou gawking. I figured we were underway for a nice 45 to 60 minute ride...I was wrong. We stopped again about 17 miles later. This time there was no bayou, or anything else, to look at. It was a small grocery/gas station. I'm still not sure what the purpose of the stop was, other than to kill time on the way to the final destination which is where they planned on eating lunch. After another 20 or 30 minutes, we were KSU, again. Alright! Now the ride begins. This is what I've been waiting for!

About 10 miles later, we stopped again...what!? This time is was at a hangout called the Tin Lizy. We did get to see more water/swamp and a couple of really sweet houseboats, but Tin Lizy was closed. After about 30 more minutes of hanging out in the now warm, and humid, Louisiana conditions I learned that the place we were going to eat lunch was only a few miles down the road. Apparently the 92 miles I mentioned earlier had been round trip.

Oh, well. The roads we went down were nice and twisty. There was lots of good scenery to take in and plenty of good conversations, but not a whole lot of riding. :)

That brings us to dinner...a first for me...the Louisiana boil! I knew what it was, but I'd never had it, and wasn't sure I wanted to try it.

Here's a picture of the BEFORE...

Here's a picture of the AFTER...

Boil turns out to be a little spicy, even for me, and it's everything, because it was all in the same pot. The corn was delicious. The potatoes were nice and tender. The mushrooms and garlic were yummy. The sausage was great. The crawfish...well, it was crawfish. I had committed myself to trying at least one. I ended up eating about a half dozen. I'm not sure I'll every seek them out as a food source, but if someone offered me a plate, at least I know I can eat them.

Ah, but the best part of the boil is that they just dump all the food out on the tables and you just stand around eating with your hands! There's no silverware, no plates, just hungry people, lining up to the trough to get their fill :)

To any VR members that read this, don't get me wrong, I had a great ride and a great time. I just need to remind myself that in group get togethers like this, not everyone has the same definition of a good ride as what I do.

Peace and good will to all. Tomorrow is another day, and another road.

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Location:Denham Spring, Louisiana


  1. Glad to hear you're doing well, Chad. I've been thinking about you daily while you're on the road.

    Stories like this are why I've generally preferred to ride with only one or two like-minded people. I like to ride the way I like to ride, which is to actually do some RIDING before we stop anywhere. I think I'd rather ride with you or my dad than anyone else.

    Be safe. Rubber side down. Watch for the exhaust. See you when you get back.

  2. I agree on the stopping at the gas station was a bit odd, but some of the old people do like to stop that often for reasons only old people know.

    I thought the ride the day before was much more intense and well worth doing. Wish you would have been on that one.

    If your travels in the next few weeks happen to bring you back down to these parts, you have two beds and a couch to chose from at my house, and I guarantee they are more comfortable than any hotel you'd be paying for... and they are free.


  3. Ernie,

    Thanks for reading and commenting. Again, I had a great ride, I just often have to remind myself that everyone has their idea of what a good pace and length of ride is and it won't always be mine.

    It was great meeting you. If I ever head back down, I'll be sure to look you up. Great pictures, by the way! I've enjoyed looking at them.



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