Monday, May 2, 2011

Back in the saddle...

Well, up and at 'em. Only 6 hours of driving until we get to my house and drop my bike off, then it's over to Detroit to take Joel home, those extra 3 hours of driving are necessary...and I figure since I like Joel I won't just boot him out and my house and make him ride home in what likes like might be rain. :)

We drove through Alabama on our way home The damage from those tornados is just horrific, and I'm sure what we saw along the highway was just the tip of the iceberg. Louisville has apparently had a lot of rain, too. We're staying at the Holiday Inn and when we arrived they said we had to park out in front of the building because the parking lot closest to our room was completely underwater. Eek.

This 6 days from home as been interesting. It's been good to get out into a "new"/different environment. I didn't realize it, but the night I spent in Midland last Friday was the first night away from home since I was at the hospital with Miranda.

The hardest part of the trip (which you'd think would have been the 2,000+ miles I've already driven) has actually been realizing that when I get home, it's just me getting home. No Sara waiting at the door, wanting a hug, a kiss, and a good snuggle to make up for being gone. It's the emotional toll of travel that I've been expecting, and yet, when it hit, it was not easy to handle. It gives me some perspective on my six weeks travel plans that I didn't yet have.

It's raining here today. A quick look at the weather map tells me it's going to follow us at least part of the way home. Another day where it's good to be in the truck, pulling a trailer with the bikes, and not on the bike wishing I was in the truck. :)

Tomorrow is another day, and another road.

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  1. Glad you're driving and not riding brother. Glad you got time to get away. I know the house will be empty, but the insufficient and poor substitute of family and friends will be here. Travel safely brother.

  2. Family and friends are no poor substitute :)

  3. My man- the paths of life can be like leaf covered walkways. We can't see our way or understand how we are to continue to walk without seeing the comfort of the path. God provides the wind to clear the leaves and makes our path clear. I'm praying for you and I'm praying for the wind. God bless.


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