Monday, May 9, 2011


There's just a little over a week left until launch day arrives.  Not much to write about between now and then.  The burn on my leg from my exhaust is looking gross.  I won't post a picture of it, but it was a little worse than that first picture I posted makes it look.  I'm keeping it dressed and hoping the skin grows back before I leave next Wednesday...or at least grows back enough that I don't need to dress it as well as I am right now.

You may have noticed the map at the top of the blog.  I've had this tracking app on my phone for a long time but never used it.  I was checking it out the other day and realized it would be a great way to help people know where I'm at during my travels.

I still haven't decided if I want to give up any of my packing real estate to take my laptop or not.  I've got my iPad, and I bought a keyboard for it while I was in Louisiana.  It makes it just about all I'd need, with a couple of exceptions.  If I can figure the exceptions out between now and Wednesday, laptop stays home and iPad wins again. :)

In different traveling news, I've been spending a lot of time on the road, even if it hasn't been on my motorcycles.  I got a new truck at the end of March.  In less than 5 weeks I've managed to drive almost 5,000 miles.  For some people that may not seem like much, but over the past 14 years, Sara and I had never put more than 7,000 miles on a car/truck in a year.

Tomorrow is another day, and another road.

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  1. During your travels, you could always seek out a public library to do your computer work that won't translate to iPad. And most hotels have a business room with computers. I say travel light!


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