Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The rain in Spain...

They say that a journey of one thousand miles begins with a small step...apparently it also begins with cold rain. I don't mind the cold. I don't mind the rain. I hate the combination.

It rained all the way from Jackson to Livonia where I met my riding partner, Joel. We were pretty free and clear of the wet stuff all the way to Toledo, but as soon as we got on the Ohio Turnpike, down it came.

I was thankful many times today for having heated hand grips.

Today totaled about 250 miles, the most I've put on the Triumph in one day. It's a very different motorcycle from my Honda, and I'm going to need to take my time and "learn" how to ride it.

We finally pulled into the hotel about 11:30PM, full of pie (thanks Dave and Cathy) and crossing our fingers hoping that the rain will find some way to leave us alone when we pull out of the parking lot in the morning.

Tomorrow is another day, and another road.

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