Monday, May 23, 2011


Sitting here at a travel plaza outside Freeport, Maine, munching on some of Debi Woolsey's world famous chocolate chip cookies, trying to warm my inside with a large coffee (leave an inch for cream and sugar please) and my outside with thoughts of sunshine. At least one side of me should be warm by the time this gets posted. :)

After 3 days of short rides on 2 lane roads, today is a day dedicated to just getting there (read as riding on the interstate.) Each type of ride serves it's purpose, but I definitely enjoy the former rather than the later. Bangor, Maine, is the destination for today and I'll be spending at least 2 nights there. That gives me the opportunity for a couple of days to explore the twisting backroads of New England. Bangor is about two and a quarter hours from where I am now, probably closer to three hours by the time I add in stops and gas.

One of the things I appreciate most about small town America, which you can only see by getting off the interstate, is its pride. Most of the small towns I rode through over the past three days already have their flags out for Memorial Day. No last minute preparations, waiting until the Friday before to get the decorating done. What a beautiful and wonderful country we live in.

Speaking of beautiful...even though the day is gray and cold, the ride here in Maine is beautiful none the less. It's almost like fall, but in reverse. I've never seen so much color in trees that are just sprouting leaves. Gold, yellow, green, and purple, it's a veritable rainbow of new life springing forth to great another growing season. I can only imagine how wonderful it would look flooded with sunlight. It looks like I might get my chance to see that on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Bangor calls my name, or maybe that's just the bathroom around the corner, either way, I'm off for now.

Tomorrow is another day, and another road.

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  1. The farthest north I've been in Maine is Presque Isle (I-95 just shy of Canada, north on US-1). Very spacious and solitary. If you wanted to get away from it all, Presque Isle has to be in the top 5 places you could do it. Jimmy Hoffa could be buried in Presque Isle.

    Be sure to ride through Kennebunkport and honk at the Bushes.


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